logsect.jpg (19091 bytes) Why Cedar?

Here are just a few reasons why Western Red Cedar is the clear choice for outdoor furniture:

Natural Beauty. The grain of Western Red Cedar is exceptionally beautiful, with warm mellow tones ranging from light amber to deep honey brown with reddish highlights. It also has an aromatic fragrance unlike any other species. Due to its freedom from pitch and its fine grain, it accepts a wide variety of finishes.

Stable. Western Red Cedar shows high dimensional stability, which makes it very resistant to warping, checking, and twisting.

Long-lasting. Western Red Cedar contains a natural oil that acts as a preservative to help the wood resist insects and decay. You will enjoy a minimum of maintenance on your table and many years of use. It is not uncommon for Western Red Cedar to last well over 50 years with proper care.

Lightweight. Cedar is approximateley 1/2 the weight of most pines, so your Western Red Cedar picnic table will be easy to move.

Safe. Some cheaper picnic tables are made from "Pressure Treated" or "Wolmanized" lumber which contains toxic chemicals such as arsenic. These chemicals can be absorbed into the skin causing irritation. (See Pressure Treated Lumber Precautions). This common, treated wood is great for fence posts and deck foundations, but it is NOT recommended for applications where it will be frequently handled. And, it's definitely not the wood you want a fraction of an inch away from your cheeseburger!

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Western Red Cedar Tree,
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There are hundreds of mass-produced picnic tables available out there.
"A table is a table", right?
Well, let's compare Cedar Picnic Tables
with the typical picnic table you see
at the outdoor furniture store, Home Center, or in a catalogue:

Cedar Picnic Tables:


Western Red Cedar

Pressure Treated Pine
(contains arsenic and other toxins)
2" x 6" lumber
Tops and benches made from thinner 5/4" deck boards
All Stainless Steel Hardware
Galvanized hardware
Routered edges, fully sanded
Rough cut and unsanded
Protected with 3 coats of
superior quality Sikkens Cetol 1 Finish
Usually unfinished
Free delivery to Central NJ
Delivery charges or you pick it up
A reputation to protect -
our brass nameplate is on every table.

"Who made this table anyway?"

If you think back on all the larger purchases you have made,
can you recall ANY where you have regretted the choice to buy quality?
On the other hand, at least once, we have all said:
"This thing is junk, I should have bought the better one!"