Almost all mass-produced tables sold at outdoor furniture stores, Home Centers, and catalogues are unsanded and unfinished - and most come in kit form.
That means you have plenty of work ahead of you before your table is ready.

Our Cedar Picnic Tables come fully assembled, sanded and protected with a superior finish system. We use 3 coats of Sikkens Alkyd Oil Cetol-1 wood preservative which is specially designed for outdoor furniture. To learn more about Sikkens, click here.  

A leader in the field of exterior wood preservation for over 100 years, Sikkens has combined the following features necessary to protecting the natural beauty of cedar:
  • superior UV protection
  • highly transparent
  • water repellent
  • weather resistant
  • flexible
  • breathable

Another excellent feature of Cetol-1 is the long-lasting topcoat that forms and acts as a barrier to spills and makes cleaning the table easy.

If you prefer to finish the table yourself to save a few dollars, we can deliver your table fully sanded and ready for finish.  

To learn more about finishing your Wester Red Cedar picnic table, click on the stain can to the right.